Steel Sleepers

Steel sleepers are used for standard railway tracks and turnouts subjected to medium or heavy axle loads. They are lightweight and dimensionally more accurate than wooden or concrete ones. Their multiple advantages, including lower cost compared to wooden sleepers, make them an effective technical solution for modern rail networks.

Steel Sleeper

Bridge Track & Tower offers a wide range of steel sleeper designs, including ones for heavier axle loads and higher speeds.

We offers :

  • Steel Sleepers for Straight Track.
  • Steel Sleepers for Curved Track.
  • Steel Sleepers for Point & Crossing and Turnouts.

Steel Sleeper

The Principle benefits of Bridge Track & Tower's steel sleepers are:

  • Improved stability.
  • Fully recyclable.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • Uniform and consistent quality.
  • Time and cost savings at installation.
  • Simple site preparation and installation .
  • Minimal Impression stock requirement.
  • Convenient during accident and flood restorations.
  • High resistance to lateral displacement in ballast.
  • Ideal solution for sharp curves and steep gradients.
  • Environmental benefits due to reduced ballast requirement.
  • Lightweight design enabling easy handling.
  • Equally amenable to both manual and machine tamping.

Steel Sleeper